Thursday, January 30, 2014

We made it through the Idea Showcase with flying colors. We even found a mentor and a teacher who has done something similar to our project and is willing to help. On Friday we are meeting with our mentor to get everything situated with the after-school enrichment club and donating to “ Show Racism the Red Card.” We hope to start donating before the club starts so we are making our posters for it to hang around the school. Also, on Friday we are selling cookies to help start us off with the donations. My partner and I feel prepared for the next step of the project and feel that we are making progress!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

During the last week we have been preparing to “pitch” our project to the top administrators of the Webster Groves School District. We were very well prepared and it went great! They (the administrators) left very nice and encouraging notes. One comment that we were both extremely happy to get was, “ I really think your idea about role-playing for one of the activities for the after school club if very creative. This is bold and courageous of you two. I’m thankful you guys want to create change at the level of our school.” That was written by Dr. Heisserer and we are so glad he enjoyed our presentation and idea. Now that our pitch is done we are moving on to the Idea Showcase (which is where people all over the school and others, come to see our project and learn about it). We are hoping to find our mentor for the project there. We can’t wait!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Over the week we have been looking into the charity/organization (‘Show Racism the Red Card ‘) that we are going to be raising and donating money to. We found out that they use professional football players as anti-racist role models. They also produce educational resources and deliver training events and workshops. We are very excited to start donating. Also, our after-school club is more than halfway set up. It will start sometime during February and end sometime in May. We can’t wait to start getting group members and have fun and meaningful activities/discussions. We also created a video about our project.  You can find it here:  Don’t be afraid to leave comments on the blog and on the video!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

My partner Andrew and I have come to an agreement to pursue our project in a very serious direction. We want to let others in our school (Hixson) become more aware about the problems of racism. We are going to create an after-school club that provides activities and talks about this topic and have decided to donate to a pretty promising organization called “Show Racism the Red Card.” We are now looking up more information about this group and also more information about our topic. So far we are off to a good start and are excited to continue our work. We have many ideas for activities in the after-school club, the project in general, and how to raise money for the organization. We can’t wait until the project is off the ground and in the air and we’re almost there!